TikTok Shop Set Up Guide

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Connect your TikTok Shop with your Something Different account to:

  • List multiple products in one go, in just a couple of clicks
  • Automatically import orders into your Connect account so that we can fulfil them as quickly as possible
  • Automatically update stock levels and prices every 15 minutes

Setting up a new TikTok shop integration

Step 1: Create your Pickup and Return Warehouses

Your first step is to create your pickup and return warehouses within TikTok Shop.

1. Select Orders in the side menu of your TikTok Shop Seller Center.

2. Select Shipping Settings.

3. Select the Add Warehouse drop-down in the top-right corner of the page, and select the warehouse you wish to add e.g. We would recommend putting your address here.

4. Enter the information requested, then select Save.

5. Select this address as your default warehouse.

Step 2: Choose Your Shipping Option

Next, you'll let TikTok Shop know that you will be fulfilling and shipping orders (via Something Different Connect).

1. Select Orders in the side menu of your TikTok Shop Seller Center.

2. Select Shipping Options.

3. In the Shipped by Seller section, switch the toggle to green. This step is essential. If you leave this setting as 'Shipped by Platform' we will receive redacted delivery information and will not be able to fulfil the order. 

Step 3: Configure Your Shipping Fee Template

1. Click Orders in the left hand menu

2. Select Shipping Settings

3. Select 'Manage shipping fee template'

2. Select Add New Template.

3. Here you can replicate the shipping charges you pay to us for the order and or choose to set your own prices.You can see our charges in the image below.

In the Shipping Rules section, locate Standard Shipping and enter the shipping cost (put 0 as you will be managing the shipping from the pricing rule in Connect).

Step 4: Connect Your TikTok Shop

Here's a quick video to show you the integration process:

1. Go to www.somethingdifferentconnect.co.uk and create your account or login

2. Go to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations > Add Sales Channel

3. Find TikTok Shop in the list of available integrations and then click the Add button

4. In the TikTok Shop account name field, enter the name for your integration e.g. this could just the name of your TikTok account

5. Click the Next button

6. Click the Authkey button to authorise the connection to your TikTok account

7. A new tab will open. If you're not already logged into your TikTok account it will prompt you to log in:

8. Ensure you have selected United Kingdom, then click Next

9. The app approval pop up will appear, the app name will show as Avasam as they are our app developers. Click Authorise.

10. Once the app is authorised, you can return to your Connect web page where you clicked the Authkey button, but this time click Next.

11. This will finalise and save the integration.

Configuring Your Settings

Once you've connected your TikTok shop you'll need to configure your Additional Settings which you can edit by going to Settings in the left hand menu, then Sales Channel Integrations and then selecting the pencil icon to edit the integration. This will open a new screen, click on the Additional Settings row to expand it.

Stock update: When enabled, Connect will provide inventory updates listings on TikTok Shop when the levels change in Connect - these will be sent to TikTok every 15 minutes and can help prevent over selling when an item becomes out of stock. Click to toggle between on and off.

Price (Inc. VAT) update: When enabled, Connect will update prices on listings when they are changed in Connect. Click to toggle between on and off.

Max quantity to advertise: Set the maximum number of an item you want the TikTok Shop listing to show for any listing e.g. Our stock levels can sometimes be over 1000pcs so you may want to set your max quantity to advertise as 100 to show there is more limited stock available.

If the stock level is higher than the number you set, it will be maintained at this value until you have less available.

If the level becomes lower than this point, the inventory level updates the listing dynamically.

Once the level increases past the value set, the listing will maintain this level again.

Stock Threshold value: Here you can input a number at which you'd like to mark an item as out of stock, this can also help to prevent overselling. e.g. Rather than waiting for a product to reach an inventory level of 0 you could put a buffer in like 4, so when the item has an inventory level of 3 it is marked as out of stock on your TikTok shop. 

If the stock level is higher than this number, it will not affect the listing.

If the level becomes lower than this value, the inventory level updates are set to 0 for the listing.

Once the level increases past the value set, the listing will maintain the correct level updates again.

Excluding Non-Something Different Connect orders: Connect can download orders for products not linked in Connect. If you sell some of your own products or products from other suppliers alongside our items, we recommend switching this setting to No and switching the splitting orders setting (explained underneath) to Yes. If you do decide to import non-Connect orders please note they are deleted after 3 days.

Splitting order containing Connect and non-Connect SKUs:

Where some of your orders contain a mix of Connect and non-Connect products, this setting allows you to process the Connect products and not import the unknown items. 

Shipping Mapping

Mapping shipping services will ensure that when one of your orders comes into Connect, we know which shipping service you would like us to apply to the order. We currently only offer one shipping service, but this may change in future to offer you more options. To map the shipping service please follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings in Connect.
  2. Select Sales Channel Integration.
  3. Locate your TikTok Shop channel and click the pencil icon to open it.
  4. Click on the section labelled Shipping Mapping.
  5. The section will expand. Click on the button labelled Shipping Mapping.
  6. Click on the list of sales channel shipping services to select the service to be mapped (these are services you advertise to your customers that you use - you may want to update this to reflect the service we offer which is Evri Fully Tracked 48 Hours) . Click on the Supplier service drop down list, this is our service that will be allocated to the order - you will only see one option here which is Expedited Tracked 1-2 Days.
  7. Click the Map Field button.

Listing on TikTok Shop with Something Different Connect

1. Firstly, you'll need to browse our products and select which ones you'd like to sell on your TikTok Shop. You can do this by logging into your Connect account and selecting Search Products from the left hand menu.

2. You can use the search bar and filters to help narrow down your search. If you see a product you'd like to sell click hover over the item card and click Source.

3. Once you've sourced several products, go to Listing Manager in the left hand menu.

4. Scroll across to the right and select the Listings button on the row for your TikTok integration.

5. In the Listing Manager you can customise the product title, description, selling price and also add it to a category before you list it on TikTok. If you make any changes, click Save once complete.

6. If you'd like to automate your prices, click the Automate Prices button and this will take you to a new page. If you'd like to use our RRP we recommend adding an uplift of 120% however you can change this percentage to whatever you feel works best for your business. Once you have completed the Automated Prices information and clicked Save, this means your product prices will update every 15 minutes - so if we ever increase or decrease our prices, your selling price will update too so you'll never miss out on any margin.

7. Once you're happy with the product information and prices, click the checkbox next to products you'd like to list and then click the List button.

8. This may take 2-5 minutes depending on the volume of products listed. You'll see a notification pop up to say the product/s have been listed successfully - however you can also navigate away from the Listing Manager whilst listing is in progress if you prefer.

9. Once you've listed some products, you can use the Filter on the Listing Manager and select Status > Not Listed to show you all the products you haven't yet listed. 

Update a Listing

If you'd like to update a product you've already listed, follow these steps:

1. Open Listing Manager and select the Listing button on the row for your TikTok integration. 

2. Use the search bar to find the product you'd like to amend.

3. Make the required changes to the product and click Save then click the Update button

4. A pop up will appear to say the product has been successfully updated.

Delete a Listing

1. Open Listing Manager and select the Listing button on the row for your TikTok integration

2.  Use the search bar to find the product you'd like to delete

3. Click the check box next to the product you'd like to delete and then click Action at the top of the screen and select Delete

4. A pop up will appear to say the product has been successfully deleted.

Note: Please do not delete any listing directly from your TikTok Shop inventory, please make sure you delete it from the Listing Manager available in your Connect account.

Enable/Disabling a Channel Integration

When you create a new channel integration, it is automatically enabled and active. You may want to temporarily disable and then re-enable it.

To disable or enable the integration to resume downloading orders and updating listings:

  1. Open Settings in Connect.
  2. Select Sales Channel Integrations.
  3. Locate your TikTok integration in the list and switch the toggle under Status to No to disable the integration and Yes to enable the integration.

Remove a Sales Channel Integration

If you no longer wish to have your sales channel integrated with Connect, it can be easily removed. Once deleted, you will need to re-create the integration from the very beginning  should you choose to reuse it.

To remove the integration:

  1. Open Settings and select Sales Channel Integrations.
  2. Find the integrated sales channel you want to remove and click its name to open the integration.
  3. Click the ‘Remove account’ button and click ‘OK’ to confirm.
  4. You will be returned to the list of channel integrations.

Verify/Update a Sales Channel Integration

  1. Open Settings in Connect.
  2. Select Sales Channel Integrations.
  3. Locate the channel integration you'd like to update and click the pencil icon to edit.
  4. Click on Reauthorize.
  5. A new tab will open after clicking on Authkey button.
  6. Click the Save button to apply changes/updates.
  7. You will be returned to the list of channel integrations.

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